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The Scaled Agile Framework® is a proven, publicly-facing framework for adopting lean agile development practices at enterprise scale. SAFe® is based on agile development, principles of lean, systems thinking, and product development flow. It can majorly help your organization’s agile transformation.

SAFe Consulting


Success in scaling agile is less about a framework and more about the organizational change you need in order to implement within your company. Therefore, leading SAFe alone will not set you up for enterprise-wide agile success. Beyond the SAFe framework, Raman Technologies unique offering in scaling agile practice gives you the tools and techniques you need to initiate a unique and successful agile transformation in your organization or improve the program you already have in place.

Raman Technologies has developed a SAFe consulting practice, where we can bring proven strategies and patterns for navigating agile transformation within your enterprise with the aid of SAFe. We can help you:

  • Identify the building blocks for agile at scale within your organization
  • Understand the impact agile practices have on your organization’s culture
  • Identify which traditional management practices do not map well to an agile organization and learn alternative techniques to modernize those
  • Identify organizational change patterns and understand the role of metrics in your agile transformation
  • Create a change roadmap for agile transformation
  • Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Overview of lean software development and product development flow
  • Application of agile development in the enterprise context
  • Experiential walkthrough of scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP)
  • Identification, implementation, and execution of agile release trains
  • Agile portfolio management pattern
  • Agile architecture principles, patterns, and roles
  • Scaling agile-savvy leaders
  • Finding a path: an end state vs. a change journey
  • Necessary building blocks in creating an agile transformation
  • Techniques for navigating enterprise agility
  • Establishing your change program


Raman Technologies SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) take a top down approach to executing SAFe in a large organization by identifying and aligning a team of executives, stakeholders and organizational architects. Our SPCs will assess your organization’s Agile maturity as well as your SAFe adoption maturity before your transformation begins. This team will craft an adoption strategy and a transformation backlog which will include training all levels of your organization, coaching and mentoring teams and executives and aligning your tool to the SAFe framework. Implementation consulting at the portfolio level continues throughout your transformation and ensures a smooth execution of the backlog. You can also take advantage of our SAFe Quickstart program, where 1-2 of or SPCs will take an intense 5-day assessment of your organization towards scaled agile transformation. This is the fastest way to get product, service, or application value streams delivering the benefits of agile at scale.


Our SAFe Executive Agile Overview training is an interactive overview of Scrum and SAFe, along with best practices, tools, and challenges associated with the adoption of both frameworks. It addresses organizational impact, distributed teams, agile leadership, and techniques and metrics for agile transformations, at a level appropriate for executives and managers. This workshop is designed to help your organization’s leadership team understand how Agile and SAFe principles and practices benefit the entire organization. Concurrently, it aids the participants in understanding the “rules of engagement” that agile asks them to follow for organizational success.

Raman Technologies is flexible with all its training programs and the specific agenda can be devised through direct collaboration with each client. Some of the most successful executive SAFe training programs we had success with include, but not limited to these.


Raman Technologies has a very talented pool of SPCs who can work with you throughout your entire transformation and beyond, as an extended part of your team. If you need an expert for a few weeks or for an extended period of time, we have the right talents you need. Once the enterprise has a critical mass of lean thinkers in house, and a few agile release trains started rolling, a variety of additional consulting activities may be applicable and beneficial. These can include:

  • Coaching the teams on the train to enhance scrum and agile skills and prowess
  • Coaching and mentoring Scrum Masters, Product Owners and System Teams
  • Conducting agile architecture workshops
  • Facilitating release train readiness and backlog grooming
  • Facilitating portfolio planning workshops
  • Facilitating inspect and adapt workshops
  • Implementing relevant metrics
  • Mentoring other program stakeholders
  • Assisting with Continuous Delivery practices
  • Training in Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development and other XP-inspired practices
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