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R.E.P. & Training Accreditation

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In order to become a REP, organizations must demonstrate their commitment to quality Scrum-related training by providing their courses, their trainer bios, and concrete ways in which they build in continuous improvement.

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As of August, 2010 there are 30 organizations with the REP designation.

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By becoming a REP, you receive access to course listings, an online profile, and an exclusive affiliation with the Scrum Alliance.

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REPs can post any approved courses on the Scrum Alliance website.

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The Scrum Alliance has a membership database of over 250,000 members worldwide.

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Only REP organizations offer the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer designation.

IC Blockchain

IC Blockchain R.E.P. IC Blockchain (ICB) is an International Consortium and Accreditation Body for Blockchain knowledge. ICB collaborates with worldwide Blockchain experts to develop learning tracks to foster mastery and expertise.

LeanKanban University

The LeanKanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer program works to endorse only the best Kanban professionals with the greatest Kanban-specific knowledge and experience.Accredited Kanban Trainers and their organizations can offer LeanKanban University Certified Kanban Training classes. The LKU Accredited Kanban TrainingTM program has requirements on 3 levels that must be met in order to offer certified training: the organization, the trainer, and the training materials.

Management 3.0

In few industries the benefits of new, agile forms of working were more visible than in software development. Strict deadlines, highly intelligent knowledge workers, and products that – if not built correctly, were very vulnerable to errors. The philosophy of Agile offered many answers and solutions to improve working methods in software development. Management, however, was hardly addressed. Management 3.0 helps to address this lack of visionary management.

IC Agile

The International Consortium for Agile. Offering knowledge and competency-based certifications in the diverse disciplines needed to sustain organizational agility.

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