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Raman Technologies Inc.



Instant scalability | performance at Scale | High availability

Atlassian Enterprise provides mission critical products, premier support and strategic services for customers to optimize their Atlassian applications for large enterprises.

The Atlassian Enterprise solution consists of:

  • The Data Center deployment that provides high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Atlassian’s new release of JIRA Data Center now offers up Clustering and a High Availability solution for JIRA, allowing you to utilize multiple nodes to run JIRA without having to separate or federate your instances.
  • Premier Support delivers account-level access to a dedicated senior engineering team providing enhanced availability and SLAs for all your Atlassian applications. This includes a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to provide providing guidance and advice to help with any Atlassian product architecture and design decision.

Raman Technologies has specific experience delivering Enterprise scaling for Atlassian Enterprise Solution. We’d love to your organization’s executive and leaders to meet and discuss your objectives for scaled Atlassian deployments.

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