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Raman Technologies Inc.


DevOps is the marriage between “Development” and “Operations” in a way that creates a complete technical environment for rapid software development at enormous scale.



DevOps is a practice, a methodology and a culture centered on empowering engineering and IT teams to deliver and support software services that are extremely robust and stable. Through a new set of tools and the heavy use of automation, a DevOps organization operates just like an agile one by bringing cross-functional teams together to provide value faster than ever before. DevOps is doing agile@scale.

At Raman Technologies, we help you completely automate your software delivery process according to your organization’s maturity and ambition. You can create and move your innovative software into production faster, more efficiently and with less costs.

We bring together a perfect fusion of teams, tools and processes to help your organization utilize a tightly integrated combination of the following areas:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Automated Testing
  • Development Security Operations (DevSecOps)
  • Monitoring
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