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Raman Technologies Inc.

Blockchain Assessment

Raman Technologies does Blockchain Assessments for organizations looking into how to best leverage the Blockchain technology to improve their overall business and operations. We will evaluate possible Use Cases using the below assessment model, and then make further recommendations for possible PoCs and analysis. Contact us if you would like to find out more information about our assessment model and service.

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A flow chart to determine whether a blockchain is the appropriate technical solution to solve a problem (Table should be considered in the decision making process as well). Writers refer to entities with write access to the database/blockchain, i.e. in a blockchain setting, a writer corresponds to a consensus participant. If a trusted third party (TTP) is available that is not always online, this can be used to establish a known group of writers, i.e. the TTP can function as a certificate authority in such a setting. Public and private permissioned blockchains differ in that a public blockchain allows anyone to read the contents of the chain and thus verify the validity of the stored data, while a private blockchain only allows a limited number of participants to read the chain. Note that for any blockchain based solution it is possible to make use of cryptographic primitives in order to hide privacy-relevant content.


Permissionless Blockchain Permissioned Blockchain Central Database
Throughput Low High Very High
Latency Slow Medium Fast
Number of readers High High High
Number of writers High Low High
Number of untrusted writers High Low 0
Consensus mechanism Mainly PoW, some PoS BFT protocols (e.g. PBFT [6]) None
Centrally managed No Yes Yes


We differentiate between permissionless, permissioned blockchains and a centralized database. Note that a permissioned blockchain can be public, for example if public verifiability of the content is desired.

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