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Raman Technologies Inc.


Cloud-based, agile project management tool.

Tools and Information

Raman Technologies Labs has developed an Agile Project Management tool alled Cognosco ( This tool is hosted in the MS Azure Cloud and supports offline capability (Android mobile/tablet, and iOS mobile/tablet). On that note, we must say that our mobile/tablet apps are the most robust on the market. Via social logins and sticking to the Scrum basics and nothing else, this tool is the ideal companion to track your Scrum projects and team’s progress. It is intuitive with built in Scrum metrics – no complicated configurations or setup needed. It is also the most cost effective tool on the Market – $50 per project with up to 15 users per project for the Enterprise Cloud offering or FREE for the stand alone mobile/tablet app. Go ahead and check it out.

Agile Cognosco

For the next phase of Cognosco, Raman Technologies Labs is developing enhancements to extend Cognosco for Lean Kanban in Practice. When we coach, we are very pragmatic with our approach – we know one size does not fit all like some dogmatic coaches like to believe. Therefore, we know the community needs a tool that can facilitate different Agile methods. With Lean Kanban, you will be able to implement System Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban (STATIK), facilitate your Kanban teams based on the core practices like visualization, WIPs, flow, policies, feedback, and improved collaboration. You will have automated calculations for Little’s Law, cumulative flow, lead time histogram, and flow efficiency.

Raman Technologies can help your organization customize your Agile Project Management Tools to fit your needs and expectations. Whether it be complex program level reporting or rote calculations, we have most likely done it before. By being a development partner with the main stream tools and our advance expertise, we are the best in the market for customization and API integration. Raman Technologies can also provide custom training for your commercial Agile Project Management tools.

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